Single Day Tooth Replacement: Fact Sheet

Single Day Tooth Replacement: Fact Sheet

Ceramic Implants Done For Best Potential Outcome:
Multi-visit placement vs single day implant

You need a dental restoration. Some dental practices advertise single day restorations. Instant dental implants and no required follow ups for additional treatments.

Ceramic implants, far and away, are the best looking, strongest, healthiest, and most natural option for tooth replacement.

  • Any concerns about longevity or durability have been put to rest since ceramic options can last as long as natural, healthy, teeth.
  • Add to that how much ceramic implants actually increase the viability and vitality of your whole mouth in comparison to other replacement options and the choice was made for you.

You may be considering your options for the restorative procedure itself. There are dentists who offer  single day implants. A one day visit to fix everything. Most dentists however, prefer several visits to complete the implant, restoration processes.

You might wonder if it matters

The promise of instant gratification and less planning or scheduling is tempting.

  • You are considering if it really makes a difference in the outcome.
  • It’s comforting to hope that such a big procedure could be over and done in a single day.
  • That may be part of the reason single day visits are offered.
    • We are programmed to go looking for the easy button, instant gratification.

Word of warning

The science and research indicates one major factor contributting to implant failure is not allowing time for bone and soft tissues to heal before completing the procedure.

Do your mouth a favor and give it the proper time to heal.

A ceramic implant is anchored in the jaw bone. Depending on several factors, including the number of teeth to be restored and the quality and quantity of bone material, you may be able to start with the initial procedure being the anchor itself.

In some instances there may be recommended procedures to do prior to implanting the anchor in order to ensure proper bone mass and health. Afterwards the anchor is given adequate time for the bone around it to heal and be strongly attached. There may be a follow up exam to confirm this. The next step is placing a new, ceramic, fixed, permanent tooth.

Invest in Your Health

Most implant procedures are very predictable and your skilled dentist can make the entire procedure nearly effortless. It’s worth the wait to know you’ve got the most advanced, successful system. You are investing time to ensure the best outcome, giving yourself the best odds of a restoration that will last your entire life and look great doing it. Lets face it, this was no small decision and you should know, you’ve done your research. When you come in to see us we will be happy to work with you to find the best time and availability to fit your schedule.

The entire implant process requires very specialized, advanced equipment and training.

  • We have the training,
  • the expertise
  • and are ready to give you the smile you deserve.

While in our care all aspects of your overall health will be taken into consideration, your comfort, health, convenience, investment and satisfaction matter to us.

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