Mental Health, Your Mouth and Fluoride

Mental Health, Your Mouth and Fluoride

Mental health fitness: your oral health may be linked more than you know

Mental Health means a lot of different things. There are mental health issues that are tied to genetics and mental health issues affected by age, experience, general health and a barrage of other factors. Consider that, for most otherwise healthy individuals, many conditions our body and minds experience are closely tied to a variety many parts of our lives. Environment, health, diet, genetics, amount of sleep, even physical exercise have been shown to affect our mental health. How does the health of your mouth relate to these things?

The mouth is a vector to the rest of the body, and mind. Everything that enters the mouth enters the body via the gastro (stomach) system or directly through the thin, permeable skin inside the mouth.  Consequently toxins from pesticides, chemicals, metals and other harmful substances can go directly into the bloodstream. After prolonged exposure enough of any toxin can build up. This is how metals from dental work, even fluoride, can eventually affect peoples physical, even mental health.

Fluoride as it relates to mental health

For decades many generations of Americans have believed that healthy smiles are dependent on the use of fluoride.  There are many opinions from many different professionals regarding fluoride, just ask. To develop a broader understanding of the fluoride issue look at the various facts about fluoride. Particularly in relation to how it affects a persons mental health.

When it all started

Ever since the 1950’s American dentist have been recommending preventative fluoride treatment.  For decades dentist noticed that community with natural supplies of fluoride in the water had significantly less incidents of tooth decay. Cue the flood of fluoride into the American household. What started as an additive to community water supplies ended up being in toothpaste, mouthwash, baby supplements, even foods that are canned using water supplies fluoridated. All of this resulting in two thirds of the American municipal water supply being treated with added fluoride, and a barrage of healthcare products, supplements and even some foods.

When fluoride occurs naturally, a mineral called calcium fluoride, trace amounts of it absorb over time into ground water. The mineral-calcium fluoride-routinely shows up in natural water supplies and surrounding community population demonstrate lower incidence of cavities. Adding fluoride in its natural form to municipal water supplies would seem like the thing a good argument. Except that the fluoride added to municipal water does not occur naturally.

Fluoride added to water today comes from chemical waste products.  A debate to add fluoride to water bases all research on communities with natural fluoride. No substantial evidence has shown chemical waste derived fluoride to reduce dental decay.

How this relates to mental health

Fluoride is a Toxin.

Across the country adults are aware of the inherent danger in fluoride exposure. Children can easily overdose, pets can get sick. We withhold toothpaste with fluoride to infants and young children. American consumers educate themselves on many toxins that find their way into homes and foods, even avoiding plastics in foods, BPA’s, over processed foods and pesticides. Yet fluoride gets a green light.

“Fluoride is not an unknown. Science has linked fluoride exposure to cancer, complications with diabetes, dementia, arthritis, mental defects, alzheimer’s, birth defects and a whole myriad of other complications. Still we have not eliminated or reduced our exposure, our children’s exposure or the eventual overload to the environment to the toxins of fluoride.”

Knowing that fluoride can be so toxic and detrimental many educated consumers are choosing to reduce and eliminate as much fluoride as possible from our bodies.

Alternatives to Fluoride

There are ways to help tooth enamel stay strong and resilient while avoiding fluoridated products. Focusing on foods that are especially good at remineralizing teeth, eliminate or reduce food or drinks that soften and wear out enamel. Products like xylitol have shown potential in remineralizing and protecting enamel. These are just a few of the options when it comes to eliminating a toxic substances while continuing to protect your teeth and overall health both mental and physical.

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