Titanium Dental Implants Pose Serious Health Risks to the Allergy Sensitive

Titanium Dental Implants Pose Serious Health Risks to the Allergy Sensitive

Metal dental implants were originally made out of commercially pure titanium or titanium alloy, providing the only option for implant tooth restoration for many years. After years of study, we now know that placing metallic dental implants and other restorative devices can potentially provoke allergic reactions. One study involving 1,500 patients demonstrated that although rare, titanium allergy could be clearly detected in dental implant patients. One research paper published in 2010 indicated that “…the risk of an allergy to titanium is increased in patients who are allergic to other metals. In these patients, an evaluation of allergy is recommended, in order to exclude any problem with titanium medical devices.” Further research on the subject noted a higher risk of positive allergic reaction was found in patients whose implants failed for no other known reason other than that they had a higher incidence of allergic reaction.

Who cares about allergies?

Metal allergies are suspected by researchers and holistic dentists alike of being one of the most likely culprits behind the growing number of cases of autoimmune diseases in the United States including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Psoriasis, and Scleroderma, Lupus, Rheumatoid arthritis, type I diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and many others. A correlation between metal allergies and a weakened immune system suggests that it is not only important but imperative to take the necessary precautions to ensure that patients are biocompatible before allowing any substance or material to be permanently affixed into the mouth.

There’s more to titanium than you might think

Screw and abutments used in dental implants can be made from the same alloy, but frequently a combination of alloys are used including small amounts of nickel and gold. One of the more commonly reported metal allergies in dental patients is to nickel, which explains why anyone with known sensitivities to metals would be vulnerable to the side effects of titanium implants. Symptoms to metal implants can vary from patient to patient and often include oral burning sensation, general fatigue, skin rashes, a constant dull pain and in some cases loss of the implant. A paper published in July of 2011 focused on titanium allergy in patients who have undergone an implant, and it concluded in part; “This review of the literature indicates that titanium can induce hypersensitivity in susceptible patients and could play a critical role in implant failure.”

Titanium allergy is rarely documented in mainstream medicine however, it has been reported that about four percent of all patients tested will be allergic to titanium. For those affected with a titanium allergy, the symptoms can be quite intense and somewhat confusing ranging from simple skin rashes to deep muscle pain and overall fatigue – common systems for an immune system that perceives itself under attack.

The known effects of titanium allergy

Like all metals used in the medical field today titanium releases tiny particles as it begins to corrode. In the case of an implant, these metal particles become ions and bind to proteins found naturally throughout the body. In some people the body reacts to metal particles in the same way it does to a virus or other foreign substance and it will try to attack the ‘invader’. This starts a chain reaction which can lead to many symptoms including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Allergy Testing – An Important Part of the Whole

Our unique focus on dental health takes into consideration a patient’s oral health in relation to the whole body, including identifying and treating issues pertaining to allergies and autoimmune disorders.

That is why we consider ceramic dental implants to be the better and safest alternative to metal implants. The advantage of these implants is that they are ceramic, and thus there is no concern of corrosion, allergic reaction or electronic interference.

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    • A ceramic implant is made from zirconia, which is a bioceramic that is extruded from the metal zirconium. It’s a white, strong, biocertified, and FDA-approved dental implant.

      • I am a victium of auto ammune disease from teeth implants I had hives for 6 months and still do get them. I can’t eat fruit only apples nothig articificaaly flavored or colored my face swells .I tell ebry i no don’t do it!

      • I have learned from experience and the guidance of a very knowledgeable biological dentist that you should have any dental materials of any kind placed in your mouth without having a Serum Compatibility Test completed. This test exposes the serum of your blood to hundreds of materials used in dental procedures of all kinds to measure the reactivity of your specific biochemical makeup to that material, identifying each one as most highly reactive, moderately reactive and least reactive. This is the only way to tell whether your individual biochemical makeup will have an adverse reaction to the dizzying variety of materials used in dentistry. For instance, on my husband’s test results, his reactivity is very low to Titanium and very high to Zirconium. So, sorry to say this, but using the ceramic materials for an implant for him would not be good.

        The test costs $250 – 300 and is done by this lab: Scientific Health Solutions, Inc., 1621 North Circle Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719) 548-1600.

        Do a Google Search for Biological Dentist and your specific location to try to locate a practitioner in your area who is knowledgeable about such things. Also, if you can’t access a Biological Dentist in your area, get the Compatibility Report done and take the booklet of results to any practitioner you see. Tell them that you want them to only work with the materials which are in the Least Reactive category on your test results. If that practitioner is not willing to honor your request, then I would discontinue treatment with them and find someone who is willing to honor your individual biochemical makeup in the pursuit of protecting your overall health. Just read through the tales of suffering below to see how horrible it can be to have an adverse/allergic reaction to a permanent dental material placed in your mouth, not to mention the very high monetary costs involved..

        Good luck!

        • My husband is having a lot of skin allgeriecs since his dental implants His blood work is fine
          He’s had and still has all kinds of health issures since the implants I need to know where he can get tested for metal allergies
          the implants are suppose to be titanium

          what tests can be done for this testing

          Pat williams

          • Mellisa in the Uk Google got it done there . Sorry if ur from anywhere else . I have been blistering for 2.5 years now and it gets worse ! Currently looking for a doc that will remove n replace with ceramic

          • My dentist used a test called the , Clifford Test a simple blood draw can save you big headaches, it nailed down all my allergies I decoded on ceramic it is safe. Now , realize the test does not reflect the metal fillings or metal implants electrical charge so it creates a field that is activated by saliva so this is the part of dentistry most dentist know little of .find a biological dentist that know there stuff and has been at it for a long time

  1. Currently have a titanium implant, which fell once.
    Been reading about the possible side effects of these implants.
    I do believe in ceramic, but I’m still skeptical.

    Thank You.

    • Hi Ruby,
      I had my titanium implants replaced with zirconium over a year ago and have healed from the toxic reactions I had with the titanium and am doing well! I got pretty sick from the titanium and other dental metals in the crowns placed on top of it. Good luck!

      • Hi I am a victium of autoammune disease from teeeth implants I had hive 4bv 4 months stilll do hget them can’t eat fruit only apples nothin articifally flavored or colored ate gummi bears my face swelled 3 times the size and i got hives

  2. I had two titanium dental implants placed in 2008. Since@2010 I have been plagued with constant fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, weakness, shakes and twitches, drainage from my ears. I have been to various doctors who have ran about every test you could think of all telling me there’s nothing wrong. After doing some research I have mentioned metal allergy and been ignored, told there was no such thing, even had a neurologist tell me I needed to see mental health to forget about the teeth. Could some point me to dentist or doctor in theb Cleveland, Ohio area with some experience with metal allergy

    • Hi Ed,
      I know you posted a while ago but just saw your post. I also reacted to titanium implants, had them out, and got better. There is an entire blog written by many people with these problems on MedHelp if your interested in finding out more, or feel free to ask me anything you want. My dentist is in New York so he’d be a bit far for you, but someone on the blog might be able to direct you to someone closer.

      • Hi Wendy
        I am very interested to hear more about your symptoms of titanium allergies….my husband has dental implants and has been very ill since having them placed (at least it seems to me the timing of his symptoms starting and the implant procedure being done). He has seen many doctors and they all say his lab work is fine. How did you determine the implants were the cause of what you were experiencing? I would appreciate any help you can provide!
        Thanks in advance. ..Megan

      • Hi Wendy
        I am very interested to hear more about your symptoms of titanium allergies….my husband has dental implants and has been very ill since having them placed (at least it seems to me the timing of his symptoms starting and the implant procedure being done). He has seen many doctors and they all say his lab work is fine. I am grateful for any insight you can provide! Thanks in advance….Megan

        • Hi! I have been having very bad fatigue and severe headache on right right side of of my head only. It hits me when I cough or bend or add any pressure to my head area or face( actually it doesn’t last long) . Have had a Ct,MRI,Mrv and have been on several medications per my neurologist.. I forgot to add I have upper and lower implants . 8 to be exact… when I go back on the 21 of Sept the last resort will be a spinal tap…

          • Not sure if you received my msg.. really not sure what I did wrong? Put really need your help. Thx bev

          • Diagnosis via a dental blog may not be the best way to get definitive answers, please consider seeking out a reputable biological dentist in your area and discussing your diagnostics, symptoms and procedures. This is the best way to start unraveling if your substantial dental work may be affecting your overall health.

        • I am also in the king of prussia pa area and have same question re; dentist or doctor knowledgable about this. I have had problems since implants but especially since the abutments and crowns were inserted. No one seems informed about this. I too have seen numerous doctors and a few dentists.

        • I had dental implants a little over a year ago. I have severe Lichen planus rashes on my legs, arms, back, and in my vagina. I also have had bloodwork done and comes back normal. I have been extremely healthy up to this point, I eat well, I exercise and I have never had any health concerns except having too much energy! I have been to 3 derms and no o seems to know how to help. I put myself on a strict autoimmune protocol diet and the rash continues to grow. It is extremely itchy and painful and only those afflicted by it can understand what it feels like. I found this info yesterday and I finally feel like I am on to something. I am grateful for all of you that have posted your experience and hopefully we will all figure this out. Jill

      • Wendy, I had titanium screws put in and shortly after I got migraine headaches really bad to the point of throwing up. I feel tired as I have the headache and it drains me. Can you give me your dentist name and number. I want to get them out and put something in that won’t make me sick. My email is albean@aol.com. Please help!!! Aileen

        • My wife had ONE titanium post put in for the tooth implant and now she has been having constant crushing headaches so much so the ER gave her Morphine to kill the pain. This has been a horrible 5 days total we are having IT REMOVED THIS WEEK. This is a nightmare she’s not slept in three days – looks like death warmed over.

          We will talk about ceramic but getting that taken out of her head IS the priority at this point.

          We are in the military and the oral surgeon will get this out ASAP.

          • The test they did so far’

            Spinal tap (to RO meningitis) as she had a fever too.
            WBC was normal too so no infection..
            CAT scan of the face
            Tons of blood work

            Sent her home with Valium to sleep – no good

            ALL results negative – The oral surgeon via phone said to the ER it’s possible nerve damage or it’s sitting on a nerve – umm it’s coming out either way.

        • My friend had headaches did research and found it could be dental she had all the metal removed from her mouth and her headaches instantly stopped.

      • hi Wendy, Is there anyway you would contact me regarding this implant removal situation. I am having so much of a problem and I would love to speak to someone who also went through a similar situation. I also live in the NY area. You’re info would be most appreciated.

      • Wendy, Hi, my name is Rina and I am in dire need of a dentist or oral surgeon in NYC area to remove these implants. I am having similar symptoms you’ve had and need help asap. Please try to get back to me asap if you read this blog. Thank you, Rina

      • Hi my father is so very sick and we know it is do to the implants he had put in ..he has been suffering for 18 months ..can you please refer me to the dentist in New York that helped you.?
        we live in buffalo area..
        thank you so much,

      • ed, I recently had dental implants put in, 6 molars on the bottom, and have known allergy to nickel. My dentist assured me the titanium umplants he uses does not cantain nickel. However, since they were implanted 3 weeks ago I have been miserable.Burning gums, pain in my mandible, jaw joint, whole body aches, fatigue beyond belief, nd all over body itching! I did some research and found a test called the MELISA test that will test for a 1000 different metals and other allergens. you can google it, it’s $295 dollars but probably well worth it.

        • I had the same reaction. The pain is unforgiving. My implants basically “fell our” when I had them removed at the 3 week mark. They also affected the teeth on either side of each implant. 2 uneccessary root canals done just for some pain relief. I am not allergic to titanium via the MELISA test but the “pure” titanium implants actually have up to 10% of “other metals”. look up the FDA approval of pure titanium and then the manufacturer found pure titanium to be too brittle. They modified it with other metals and onl report that it could have .05% nickle. Any nickle to those with a known nickle allergy with start the cascade of inflammatory agents, Bottom line; remove the obvious avenger despite what a lab tesg shows. We dont know what we dont know but if you improve with removal-the cause is obviuos whether it can be understood or not

      • Hi Wendy,

        I have a titanium implant that I would like replaced with zirconia. Can you please recommend s dentist in NYC? Also, did you have any metal allergy test done? If so, where would you recommend? Thank you!

      • Hi Wendy,

        I would also like replace my titanium implants with zirconia. Could you please recommend a dentist in New York who is skilled in this area. Thank you

      • Hi Wendy,

        I also have a titanium Implant. Can you please recommend a dentist in NYC that will be able to replace it? Thank you.

      • Hi,I had titanium implant 1 month ago.im having burning and headaches since my implant .Would you please tell me who your dentist is in NY?
        Thank you

    • i have had titanium implants and I wake up feeling like the inside of my head is burning, my ears are stopped up and I’ve almost lost my voice. I am in heavy pain. I have fatigue, headaches, and I have been thinking on my own it might be the titanium implants. I am allergic to certain kinds of jewelry that make my skin itch unbearably. I told the dentist about my allergic reaction to jewelry and he said that titanium wouldn’t cause a problem — that that is the reason they use titanium to avoid the allergies. I just can’t go from doctor to doctor like you were mentioning being told one thing and then another and they really aren’t solving it. My gut says it might be the titanium. What did you do about this? The whole top of my mouth is implants because of a car accident.

    • Hey Ed.

      I’m going thru the same circumstance, but I have two temporal bone titanium implants in the ear bone. I am experiencing the same symptoms, but also auditory hullicinations. The muscle twitches and spasms go on throughout the day. They told me it was a mental heath issue also; when I asked to remove the device, they told me to leave it in until we exercise all options. please email me about your story. bettassomichael@gmail.com

      • Hi Michael, Did anyone ever get back to you?

        My daughter as a titanium implant in her leg and she also goes through muscle twitches and spasms ALLLLL day. They also tell her it’s a mental health issue. Please reply back to me at mylest72@yahoo.com

    • Hi Ed, I have been experiencing the same issues that you posted above. Can you tell me if you’ve had the implants removed and has it had a positive impact on you.

    • Ed Finley, There is a test you can have done to prove whether you are alergic to the implants, it’s called the MELISA test and it will test for 1700 different elements including titanium, zirconium and nickel.

    • Ed:

      I just was researching if dental titanium implants could cause autoimmune disorders and your posting caught my attention. I had 4 dental implants placed in June 2013 due to a road bike accident. I too since dental implants have had drainage from my ears..and recently have had muscle & joint pains all over my body. As a 52 year old woman this could be other issues too due to my age & just this October found out my thyroid is underactive so I started on Synthroid 25 mg. First I thought Synthroid might be causing all my muscle pains and 2 weeks ago stopped it. But I finally started trying to find out what is going on with me, first I started with my orthopedic doctor at a Sports Med facility finally this first of Dec. to check out my arm that I couldn’t raise after I thought was rotator cuff after an extreme work out week during the first of Oct. Then later my hips were hurting even during non activity as I was trying to heal it. During 2nd appointment with orthopedic doc in December after MRI results that only showed I have some bursitis and tendinitis in both hips and right shoulder, I then requested some blood work to rule things out and some tests came back with maybe (some positive markers) for some autoimmune disorders so my orthopedic doctor is now sending me to a rheumatologist. I started having aches and pains more places in my body…back, knees, etc but orthopedic stated they could only see me with my first apt and see me for only2 body parts, I went with the shoulder/arm I couldn’t raise and my hips.

      I tried to get my prostidontist sp? (dentist) back in 2013 to do allergy testing on my implants/blood etc, since on their web site they said they do, but when I asked for them they said it was up to me to follow thought on testing. They only gave me one contact. But I didn’t know how to get blood drawn and it to them. My dentist gave me the same 2 types of implants (I requested them) they used on me, I physically have them in my care. I still have them incase someone needed to check them with my blood. I have had this ear drainage and a little after implants, I thought it was maybe from my sinuses since the implants are close to them and my dentist used a process which he called knocking up my sinus (he actually knocks them up) vs what other’s do called a sinus lift. I have no drainage in my nose or throat but I have this drainage in my ears which drains at night and now day…and is bothersome at night. I wondered if my implants had to do with that. I also am getting some ear pain behind my ears at times. My NP friend looked at my ears, she said looks fine, and she added take allergy pills for 2 weeks and if it doesn’t improve then it might be something else. I swim 3 times a week, (but not in last 3 months due to arm, swam just a few times very little) but even when I swam I haven’t had a problem like I am having now with these health issues this past 2-3 months and with this ear drainage. I will know more after meeting with my orthopedic dr again and with a rheumatologist. Any insight and update you have found out on your situation the past 1.5 years please let me know. And also if there are any others that have any insight your comments are welcomed.



      • Ann, you can be allergic to titanium or any of the alloys used in a metal implant. The best thing to do is see a holistic dentist (or multiple to get a variety of opinions) and see what they say. We would be happy to see you if you want to give us a call. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to diagnose over the Internet, but reaching out and asking the questions is a great place to start!

        I hope you’re able to get in and see us soon.

  3. I think my sister is having problems that might be attributed to her implants. How hard was it to get the implants taken out? She lives in Melbourne, FL.

  4. The day I put an implant. I started getting rashes over my hands and legs. Mouth looked great. All doctors could say it is no titanium allergy because mouth is healthy.
    I have used zillions of packs of steroids but rashes would come back once I leave steroids. Now I have decided to remove the implant, since it is gut feeling that it
    is titanium allergy. I will know once I take this implant out soon.

  5. hi. i m from republic of georgia. i have 2 titanium implants. i did it 4 days ago but now i have small fever. 37 celcius. i am very scared. alo i ahve swolen mouth

  6. About an year ago I had two titanium implants and since that time I started experiencing increasing joint pain. Lately it become very severe and on all joints and pain start spreading to muscles. Initially I thought it is just age related (I’m 50 now) but other than these joint/muscle problems I’m in perfect health. There is nothing in my test results that can indicate illness. I started to wonder what could be causing this sudden change and only possible cause are the implants. Now I’ll try to find out more on this and hope I can revert the damage.

    • Four years ago I had six titanium tooth implants at once and anaphalactic shock from anaesthetic. I am a retired registered nurse. Increasingly suffering from hives and rashes and skin afflictions ., mouth ulceration, fatigue and chronic tiredness, severe daily allergic reactions, the implants also periodically fail at same two teeth and require refixing. Have now developed severe gout symptoms and getting conventional treatment for that condition. In 1994 had two 18 inch rods and eight holding screws of stainless steel inserted in lower spine after car crash. Can there be incompatibility here? Also lego-like plastic implants into neck vertebra. I am 68 years old and also had breast augmentation when I was 30 years old, that’s holding well. General blood tests show no major problems except low grade inflammation. I extensively use mouth washes and expensive anti-plaque imported tooth-pastes as this seems to help. I would appreciate comments, medication hints and the like..

  7. I had two implants in my lower jaw and lately I ihave not been feeling well. I constantly have sinus type stuff which I never get…always sound like I have a cold…muscles hurt more..just don’t feel my best. Has anyone out there had these symptoms?? Does a regular dental surgeon take them out??

    • Leah I have been experiencing the same vice like grip in my face and eyes hurt tension across forehead, flushing and heat in face, symptoms of TMJD plus muscles ache pain in neck is awful, swollen under chin salivary gland,s facial atrophy fatigue and it throbs also not painful but implant throbs. Been treated for sinusitis for six months I rattle with pills been referred to clinical ent my dr is concerned i have wondered if it could be the implant myself.

    • Yes, I also have two implants in my lower left jaw and am experiencing many health problems. I got these implants 2 years ago and after going through tests and different doctor visits I believe that the cause is the implants. Can you tell me if you’ve had them removed and if so are you feeling better? Sorry for your similar problem.

  8. What are the percentage of people with implants that have these Auto-Immune issues as compared to people with implants that have no issues at all? In other words, is this safe for most, but an unforunate few have these issues? Please advise.

  9. I had dental implants one year and a half ago. About a month after the implants I noticed I had puffy bags under my eyes, which I never had them before. Is it possible the titanium in the implants is the cause of the puffiness under my eyes. I’m making an appointment with an allergist and also a cosmetic dermatologist hope I get some answers from either one of them. Its costing me a fortune on all the eye creams I am buying. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • I also had an implant 3 months ago and noticed puffiness around my eyes. At first I thought it was just eye allergies since I have had eye allergies in the past.
      But I noticed it right after the implant and since then my eye keeps swelling up. I am starting to panic thinking there is a correlation to this. Have you had any luck going
      to your allergist or dermatologist?

  10. I had dental implants from a dentist in Burlington Wa. I suffer from an auto-immune disease and have hives most the time. I’ve contacted him as I believe he caused the issues with metal implants. I think it’s time 4 an attorney!!!!!!!

  11. I had a titanium implant put in during late September of 2014 and broke out in sever hives and swelling, and have been experiencing increased joint and muscle pain that has gotten really bad. I have been seeing allergists trying to get some answers, still suffering from the hives, and I found a website for a group that does some extensive metal testing. beyond the patch test for metal allergies. It is http://www.melisa.org/ and they have a lot of info. We are about to remove my implant in the next few weeks…I did the MELISA test and it came back positive for nickel and vanadium allergies for me.

    • Hi Mark, I read your blog posted here and I feel I have similar problems and I am considering removing these implants asap. Can you please tell me if you did get your implants removed and how you’ve been feeling since. This is such a hard problem to have. My doc says that I should not have them removed and just manage the pain and I disagree. I hope you could shed some light for me on this situation. Thanks, Rina

      • Rina, yes I did have my implant removed and I’ve had a complete turnaround in my health. I am about 80% recovered and I have days where I feel almost 100% back to where I was before. If you’ll scroll down this page you can find more information that I have posted about all of this.

        • Mark, Hi, it’s Rina again. I am having trouble hunting down a doctor in the NYC area that has the special tool to remove these. Do you have any idea how I would go about finding the right oral surgeon to perform this. Your experience is well appreciated i this matter. Thanks, Rina

          • Rina, I really don’t have any earth shattering advice on how to find a person in your area to remove the implants properly. Apparently very few people in the dental field even realize these titanium implants pose any threat to anybody, so the number who are up to date on things is extremely miniscule. Any oral surgeon or periodontist who installs implants will also know how to remove them, because they have all had some implants fail for one reason or another. The problem we run into is convincing the average oral surgeon or periodontist that the implants need to come out even though there is no visible problem at the site itself. Almost 100% of them feel if the site shows no sign of failure, then the implant is not problematic and they won’t want to remove it. Even though there are a lot of people who have had issues (with no problems at the site) and had the implants removed and their health improved drastically. Most people in the dental field are not aware of that.

            My oral surgeon, who installed my implant, also removed it, even though he had never removed one that did not show problems at the site. He was very open minded and willing to to look into this whole thing, and he ended up believing that this issue is very real for a very small percentage of people. So I did not have a problem finding someone to remove my implant, thankfully. I would have used Dr. Mehta in California, but I was so ill there was no way I could travel that far.

            If you are unable to find anyone, if it is at all feasible for you to travel to California to have Dr. Mehta remove them, that would be the best option. He has come up with his own procedure for removal, where he can just remove the implant or he can remove it and in the same procedure place a zirconium/ceramic implant in place. I now know several people who have used him and praised him highly. He is at the forefront of this whole ordeal now, he is as knowledgeable as anyone in this country about the whole matter. Worst case, if you can’t travel there, you can contact him and he will consult with you as much as you need, and perhaps he might even know of someone in your area who could do the removal. He works for Orange County Endodontics in California.

            The bottom line is to make sure the implants are not “trephined” out. If you Google that you can get a detailed explanation of what that is. My oral surgeon just cut the into the bone, all the way around the implant, without ever cutting the implant itself. Trephining or cutting into the implant can cause major problems.

            Best of luck, I hope you can find someone.

      • Marie, yes. I guess you’ll need to provide an email address, I don’t know how else we could do that, but I certainly don’t mind.

    • Mark,

      I have been going through a lot of the same issues that you have. I am going tomorrow to speak with the dentist that put the implant in. I had my implant put in on Oct 10, 2016. Starting the end of December – beginning of January I started having issues. At first I thought it was my ADD meds, which I have gone off of and back on so many times it’s ridiculous. I had reactions to foods, my hair started falling out. The first dermo told me that I have an autoimmune disorder, with no other info, and wanted to put me on meds forever. She even took a scalp biopsy. Thyroid doc said I was fine, (all did thousands of dollars in blood tests and ultrasounds). 2 doctors, 3 dermo’s, and an allergist later, I am circling back to the titanium. I am going to make them take it out. It has to be the problem. I am very worried.

      • Kerri, I would love to talk with you. I have titanium in my leg since 2008 and have been dealing with hair loss and autoimmune issues since shortly after. Wondering if there is a link. If you could please email me, chassa89@live.com

  12. I had a metal post put in when I was a teenager. Now in my 40’s I’m thinking about replacing it with ceramic zirconium but I’m afraid since it’s been in so long I could have worse problems if I take it out. Can someone tell me if it’s more dangerous to remove, My dentist who was going to do it thinks I should leave it since in my x-ray it show no problems. I do have some weird symptoms and not sure if it’s because of the metal.

    • You may want to seek out one more professional opinion about replacing your metal implant. There are a lot of considerations. Feel free to contact our office or a Natural Dentist in your area for more information on a consultation.

    • Get in touch with Dr. Chetan K. Mehta, he is located in Orange County in California with Orange County Endodontics. He is on the leading edge of dealing with titanium implant problems. He was too far away for me to have him do my work, I was way too sick to travel due to the poisoning I got from my implant. I have talked with several people who have used him and I would have done it if I could have traveled. But at least contact him for advice, he is as knowledgeable a person as you can find on this topic.

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  14. I went to a to a cosmetic dermatologist just by looking at my bags under the eyes he ask me if I have titanium dental implants. He does no-surgical eye rise to remove the eye bags. It is expensive but I’m thinking of having it done. Did anyone have it done and was it successful.

  15. My husband had a detail implant put in Jun 13. It fell out approx 1 month later. The dentist felt it was due to the infection he had following surgery. He had my husband fully heal and increased his jaw bone until April 14. At that time another implant was placed in his mouth. He had no infection and the dentist monitored his mouth every couple of months. During this time, he was seeing his primary care doctor due to neck pain. The doctor tried several different diagnosis – slept on it wrong, a small abscess removed, etc. Nothing worked. He started with neck pain, the shoulder pain, then elbows, ankles and knees started hurting. He had no energy and slept alot. At 6 months, the dentist told him he was rejecting the implant and he may be allergic. He left without having it removed. When he came home, his primary care called him and said he had rheumatoid arthritis. I started looking on the internet and found all types of info including chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis….so he had the implant removed the next morning. Within 24 hours his neck pain was gone and he was able to turn his head freely. His shoulder and elbow pain were gone in another 24 hours. His joint pain has continue to decrease over the next month. He saw a rheumatologist that has been monitoring the markers in his blood and is amazed that they are going away.
    It’s been 5 months and he is better but not fully recovered. He has great days and not so great days!! Would love to find a doctor in VA that knew about titanium allergy.

    • I went through a similar experience, but I was not diagnosed with anything. I had already found enough people talking about their metal implant problems to realize it was the problem, so I did not bother to start seeing doctors. I had a fatigue level that words cannot describe, a really foggy brain, could not focus or think, extreme muscle and joint pain, all of which I did not have before my implant was done is September of 2014.

      I had the implant removed on March 11th by my oral surgeon here in NC, and the next day I felt incredibly better. My fatigue level improved drastically within days, foggy brain problem went away, muscle and joint pain got better immediately. No question there was an actual physical problem being caused my the implant, I had become nearly bedbound the last three weeks before removal as it kept getting worse and worse. 17 days after removal now I can say I am at least 60% back to where I was before the removal.

      I don’t know of any doctors in the VA area, there is an endodontist in California who has removed dozens and dozens of implants from people who showed no signs of a problem at the site but were having terrible systemic issues throughout their body, and had great improvements after he removed the implants. His name is Dr. Chetan Mehta. There has been a long discussion about all of this in this web forum: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Allergy/titanium-vanadium-aluminum-dental-implant/show/1252386

      • Mark, I’m in NC, too. What dentist do you go to? Are you going to have ceramic implants done? If so, what dentist? I hope you are feeling 100% well by now. Thanks, Anne

        • Anne, Dr. Mark Shehan in Winston-Salem is my oral surgeon, he placed my implant and he also removed it. I was his first patient to ever have a severe reaction to the titanium implant. He is not doing ceramic implants yet, but I suspect he will in the near future. He is a great doctor and I highly recommend him. He has approached this whole thing with an open mind and has taken it on as a challenge to do what is best for all of his patients in the future.

          I do intend to have a zirconium implant placed at some point, for now I just want to feel healthy and save my money for awhile, this whole ordeal has been and will be quite expensive. If Dr. Shehan is not doing ceramic implants when I am ready, I will likely fly to California and have Dr. Chetan Metah do the ceramic implant. He is actually at the forefront of this whole movement away from titanium to ceramic. He is in Orange County out there.

          I just don’t know of anybody around here that does the ceramic, and I don’t want to use somebody I don’t know and/or can’t trust.

          • Mark,
            If you are in NC I can highly recommend Dr. Joe Palmer in Greenville, SC. which is not far from you. Tel. 864-879-6494. He is an International Academy of Oral Toxicology dentist [www.iaomt.com] who is fluoride & mercury free & DOES do zirconium implants. His website is http://www.palmerdmd.com and he is very versed in metal poisoning.
            Good luck.

  16. Has anybody looked into the fact that titanium is a multi-billion (maybe more) industry & to protect the livelihood of mllions upon millions doctors you will be told anything to hide the proven reality that in most cases if not all cases titanium implants (Metal in your mouth) has been and will always be the obvious reasons for adverse reactions. Read up on what titanium is used for -not just ships and planes but in candy and toothpaste…

  17. Once the general public (not just a ton of blogs complaining about similar problems) becomes aware of the on going challenges of titanium implants the dental industry will be put on notice.Titanium implants has developed a huge economy through the decades – it’s the cheapest way to do implants but obviously at the expense of the patient-in my opinion, full ceramic (zirconia) Implants Are the Only real and genuine bio-compatible implants available-this is just my personal ooinion.

  18. There are people who claim the ceramic implants are still too brittle at this point, but will be made better in the future. Who knows if that’s true. There are plenty of people who also claim the ceramic ones being used right now are fine and will not break. I have no idea what they cost is in comparison to titanium implants, but I do feel like even if they are quite a bit more so what, it’s worth it not to wreck your health.

  19. I had my implants put in 10 years ago. First one was rejected within a year and I just got others removed 2 days ago. For 10 years I suffered with severe joint and muscle pain and constant headaches. I pray the removal of this metal takes care of my misery. I am only 31.

    • 6 mos after my implant I have severe muscle pain in my neck and shoulders that won’t go away, 2 lesionson my face, fluid in my ears, headache and glands swelling ..all tests come back I am in perfect health including my CT and MRI scans for my neck but continue to have chronic muscle pain and weakness…I am 41 was in perfect health, a personal trainer, farmer and rancher so super strong and after my implant my strength went down to may 10 percent off my normal….I have waited, done tests, and explored every option including being negative on my Melissa allergy test but I have every symptom of these other people , I think it’s time to get my implant out I can’t suffer any more..

  20. I am finally going to an allergist this coming Tuesday to check if I am allergic to titanium dental implants on my upper eye teeth on both sides two on the right and one on the left. I had them done two years ago this coming May. About a week after I noticed under my eyes were puffy, which I noticed the right is more puffier ten the left. I tried so many eye creams and nothing helped. I am so self conscience of the swollen under my eyes. I went to a cosmetic dermatologist he asked me if I had implants. He wanted to give me a non-surgical eye rise to get rid of the bags. I asked him if it would be permanent I didn’t get a straight answer and it would cost $3000. My insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. That is the reason I decided to go to an allergist to find out if I am allergic to titanium.

  21. I had two implants placed in October of 2014. No problems surfaced at the time and the dentist was very happy with the results. The abutment was placed in sometime in March. About a week ago I woke up with some itching and noticed that my left eye (over the two implants), was a little swollen. By the next day both eyes were severely swollen. I also had itching and hives. I went back to my oral surgeon and he assured me, after tapping around on the implant, that they were fine. He told me to see my primary care doctor, which I did. They gave me some Zantac and Clarinex to rule out an allergic reaction to anything new I may have introduced into my system. While I did use some new cosmetics and creams I have never had problems with these types of products in the past. I notice I also have a strange test in the back of my mouth. Today I see an allergist. Yesterday I went to my endodontist. At least she and the oral surgeon she refers out toi said it could be possible even though it is rare.

    I am going through the motions but in my heart of heart I know it is the implant materials. The metal abutments have been exposed in my mouth because I haven’t had the teeth put in and this may be a big part of the problem.

    The dentist said he is willing to remove them but I shouldn’t rush to judgment that it is the implants. In over a 1000 implants he has had to remove only remove two. I am hoping that he is experienced enough to remove mine.

    I am cutting my health losses and going with the removal as soon as I can get it scheduled.

  22. I received a titanium implant in April of 2011. About 4 weeks later I started having mucous drainage down into my mouth. I had never experienced this before. By June I was looking for a doctor to operate on me for acid reflux. I had so much mucous that I couldn’t swallow it all. I would carry kleenexs around and spit into them as the day wore on. My mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach were on fire. I was just so sure that I had acid reflux. After having surgery for acid reflux, my symptoms were still there. Talk about being upset, I knew I couldn’t live like this due to the mucous. I couldn’t swallow fast enough to get rid of it. One year later, I started having jaw pain where the implant was. Upon having an x-Ray, I learned bone had disappeared around the implant. My oral surgeon tried to save the implant, but to no avail. The only choice was to remove it. Upon removal of the implant, 3 days later, I was normal.
    My dentist talked me into another titanium implant. It was in my mouth 35 days and had to be removed to do infection. There is no way I would ever put another titanium implant in my mouth for all the tea in China. I’m allergic to nickel and I firmly believe that I am allergic to titanium.
    I now have two all zirconium implants in my mouth and have not had any experiences that I listed above.

    • Barb, I had three implants placed and horrible pain and aches within 48 hours. At 3 weeks, they were “removed”(fell out at surgery-no integration) Every dentist treats it as an infection without proving it by doing a culture. More harm is done with potent and lengthy antibiotic treatments. I am allergic to nickle and know that the titanium implants that were approved by the FDA were pure titanium. The manufactures modified the metal by adding up to 10% alloys and never had to be re-approved by the FDA Lobbyists and money are powerful tools. Your symptoms are from your immune system attacking this foreign object,\. I have 10 implants I want replaced Who did you find to put in zirconium implants?

  23. Hi Mark,

    I am having throat pain, rashes and bad IBS since I got an implant. I want to remove mine as well. Could I ask you for some guidance? Once they removed your titanium implant , what did you replace it with? How did you fill the gap?

    • Call our office. We use all-ceramic implants with no metal, completely bioinert and strong enough to last a lifetime

      • I am looking for someone who can help me, I have an infected first molar that has a dead nerve, can’t have a root canal, told I need a sinus lift and titanium implant.
        I am in pain and worried as I have had numerous illnesses including Lyme disease, hepatitis B and chronic fatigue and hashimotos. I don’t know who to see – I live in NYC,
        Saw an oral surgeon today who advised immediate removal but he doesn’t take out the periodontal ligament and I know that’s important.

    • I did not fill the gap at all, and for now I am fine with that, it doesn’t bother me. I did not like the option of a bridge because you are messing with two other teeth if you do that and putting more stress on those two teeth surrounding the gap. I don’t need more issues with other teeth down the road. I do intend to have the zirconium ceramic implant placed in the gap in the near future For now I just want to feel healthy, I was horribly ill from my titanium implant. And I have recovered almost to 100% at this point, two months after removal.

      As a reminder to everyone, there is a very extensive 5 year long discussion about the harms of titanium implants at this site, with a lot of info and a lot of people chipping in:


      • Dear Mark, You have been of great help to me and I suspect many others on this blog. I just want to thank you. I am in the process of seeking out the right Dr. to remove these 2 implants and I am awaiting the results of the Melisa test also. Thanks so much. I hope you’re feeling better and better. God Bless, Rina

        • Rina, I’m so glad to hear that. I had people help me when I was sick from my implant, and I wanted to help others after that.

          There are several different ways implants can be removed. Some are better than others, and one method is highly recommended to avoid. Dr. Mehta in California has developed his own method where he can most safely remove the implant and replace it with a zirconium implant in one procedure. If it’s at all feasible financially, he would be the number one option. If that’s not doable, the most important thing to avoid is having someone “trephining” the old implant out.

          Another option is the use of a tool that works like a ratchet and just backs the implant out. Some implants are “integrated” and can’t be backed out with that tool.

          Best of luck whichever direction you end up going. I can vouch for having an almost 100% turnaround in my health already, just in two months, after having my implant removed. These implants only affect a very small percentage of people in a severe manner, but for those of us who experience it, it is horrible. It attacks the immune system and the nervous system (including the brain of course) and puts us through pure torture.

          • Thanks again Mark. I have been conversing with Dr. Mehta through email and I am trying to figure out the cost and time needed for this process. You’ve been a tremendous help. I’ll let you know what happens as time passes. Best regards, Rina

          • Great Rina, I hope everything works out for you and you find relief from this terrible problem soon.

          • Dear Mark,

            I live in Europe. I have 3 Ti implants and 7 years health problems. I plan to go take out in end of august. One question: what is trephining ?

            Thank you

          • Igor, there is a tool called a trephine, it’s a circular saw that is used to cut out a section of a bone. I don’t know all details, but a great and knowledgeable endodontist made it very clear to me not to let anyone use the trephine tool to remove my implant. My understanding is using that tool would cause microscopic particles from the implant to be left in your system and continue causing you problems even after the implant is removed.

        • Hi Rina –

          How did you get the Melisa test complete? My 17 year old daughter as a titanium implant in her leg and she also goes through muscle twitches and spasms ALLLLL day. They also tell her it’s a mental health issue. Please reply back to me at mylest72@yahoo.com

  24. I have several different allergies. I need to get a broken tooth fixed. I been to the dentist had everything done, except go back and get the implant. I am severely afraid that I will have a reaction. My husband tells me to go get the implant I’m very skeptical. Have anyone had a positive feedback from implants? I’m swaying more to the side of not getting the titanium implant. I would like more info on the ceramic.

    • Ceramic is the way to go. The advances in durability make ceramic, far-and-away, the superior choice.

    • This reply may be a bit late for you, but I don’t appear to be allergic to titanium, as I have had 3 implants with no problems. A friend of mine has had both hips replaced with titanium with good results as well. Everyone seems to be allergic to something. For me it’s silicone, that all hearing aids (which I need but don’t wear) are made of. Why not get tested before deciding about the implant. I read somewhere that only about 4% of the population is allergic to titanium.

      • For some people reactions to titanium are only experienced after prolonged exposure. Additionally there are many people with sensitivities who may not experience any problems until they reach a tipping point, or an amount of exposure above what their own immune systems can tolerate. By avoiding metal implants, whenever possible, patients may have less likelihood of negative consequences later on.

    • Oh, one more thing… Some titanium implants aren’t pure and have had other metals such as nickel added to them that you could be allergic too. Very important to be sure you know what you’re really getting.

  25. My husband had 4 titanium implants put in December, 2014. Ever since he has been complaining about fatigue, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain and just feeling lousy all the time. After reading everyone’s submissions I am concerned he may be allergic. He has had a history of developing severe infections to things very easily. He’s been on levoquin twice and released from the ER with a port for long term IV antiobiotics. He just seems miserable all the time. He pushes through and this procedure with dentures (which he has not gotten yet — another question in a bit) has cost $20K. His dentist keeps putting off the dentures. It’s always one more week, we need another impression, oh next week….could she possibly be under the impression he has this allergy and is waiting for him to say something?

    • I have had the wort experience with implants. I am not sure what the metallic contents of the implant is but my health condition never seems to get better. I have seen doctors of all sorts but they could not figure out what my problem is. After reading this, I am almost fully convinced that my plant is to blame. Where do I start from here to get my problems addressed? Are there examinations that can be done to know that my health problems are actually caused by implant?

      • Aron at this point there is no known way of knowing for sure if your implants are causing your problems, aside from having them removed. The best options I can offer are to go to the Melisa website and read all the info you can there, including articles they make available. You may consider having the metals test done that they offer, it is expensive and cannot necessarily prove that your implants are to blame. If you test positive for any metal allergies it is another indicator that does point to the implants being the problem. The other option is to contact Dr. Chetan Mehta in Orange County California, he has had a lot of experience with titanium implant problems and can help you try to determine if your implants are the problem. Dr. Mehta and the Melisa organization can both be found very easily via Google search. Best of luck.

  26. Hi thanks all for sharing 4 yrs ago I had 7 titanium implants done along with bone augmentation. 2 sinus lifts as well. A long recovery but survived. Today I breakout on the corners of my mouth this started about 6 mts ago. I went to my doctor she gave me a cream to use. This cream helped some but does not clear. I contacted my doctor she told me to visit my dentist. I wear dentures these implants are for my dentures. I had to have this done due to bone loss. I have to wonder if this has anything to do with allergic reaction to titanium? ? I have an appointment with Dr who performed surgery these implants have grown in the bone. I am frightened about what will happen. Anyone have opinions or been thru something like this.

  27. Hello – My daughter as a titanium implant in her leg and she also goes through muscle twitches and spasms ALLLLL day. She have not walked in 9 months due to these issues. They also tell her it’s a mental health issue. I don’t think the implant is agreeing with her. She’s becoming very depressed of this. Can someone please give me some advise, PLEASE.

    Much appreciation,

  28. I just got a upper partial made with Titanium, the very first day that I wore them I felt this irritation in the roof of my mouth. When I took them out I felt like my tongue was swollen and the roof of my mouth became very sensitive, the next day it caused a rash in the roof of my mouth even back to my throat. I was afraid that my throat was swelling shut. What can I do, I paid a lot of money for these teeth and I need to wear them because it includes the front tooth.

  29. I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and I disclosed that to the periodontist who did the bone grafting and the (2) implants.
    #5 failed (3) months after getting the crowns placed. # 12 is still holding up so far, but there was more bone on that side.

    I went and got a second opinion, and he did a 3-D x-ray. He said that #5 looked fine and why are they not at least trying a temporary crown, to see how it holds up?
    The periodontist is evasive and avoiding me, so I called my dentist to ask if they had spoken.
    Dentist says, they spoke and they want to REMOVE #12, bypass both areas completely,
    and use some “ball and socket” gadget to give me some “partial denture” rig with CLASPS, that will not only show,
    but be even closer to the very front teeth. I will talk funny and look stupid.

    I read that PRE-biotics is the way to go. At least (2) hours prior to the implant surgery, and also BEFORE the bone grafting I was not prescribed ANY antibiotic when the teeth were pulled and grafted. Is that normal procedure when you know the person has an autoimmune disease?

    After the FIRST implant surgery, I vomited up the Amoxicillan, and I was told to discontinue it. He did not try another or order anti-nausea medication.
    $13,000.00 is a lot to drop on this very sketchy “candidate” process. Seems like we are ALL candidates, until things go sour.
    Suddenly, “it’s just you”, he tells me….like I am some odd person who ruined his perfect record of no implant failures.

    I told him I had a 2 level cervical fusion NOT FUSE, and that was fine with him too. I gave him every “out”, because I do not have, that kind of money to throw away on a “maybe”.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this issue?
    Why would they think I want to dismantle the ONE that is fine to have attachments and clips, that WILL be uncomfortable and no where close to what I PAID FOR!
    It is too expensive for all these allergies and other stuff they never talk about or disclose.
    I was told the bone grafting was the “end all be all” of making this positively work!
    By the way, this new procedure that sucks….they want me to PAY ALL OVER AGAIN, for something I do not even want to do.
    They did not include me in the conversation, about how they plan to proceed.
    Its like they want me to just go away, because they do not want to do any corrective work, on THEIR DIME.

    People hate being sued and lawyers will never take a case that does not make them $100,000.00, so no “due process” happens if the whole thing sinks.
    I am beyond angry, and I am sick of the BIG GAP on the right side of my mouth.
    All the pictures from our trip to JAMAICA with me in them, got deleted.
    I look like a hillbilly, for $13,000.00.
    BONE GRAFTING is not an absolute either, even though I was told it is.
    The WORST pain having infected bone grafting SCRAPED out of your upper jawbone.
    He gave me an ice pack and a 3 oz bottle of Listerine, as I left his office with my husband, bleeding all over the front of my shirt.
    DO NO HARM? Seriously?

  30. Hi, I had 8 dental Titanium implants in Jan- Feb. of 2015. The implants in the mouth no problem, no sours no hurting etc. They healed well. I have my old dentures fastened to them and doing o.k. now I’m Still waiting for the dentures my dentist is supposed to be making me.. My problem is stomach upset, I’ll throw-up easily and for no reason with or without the dentures in my mouth and runny totally watery stools, that will come and go. AT first I thought it was a virus, or spicy foods with the water stools, and milk or ice cream. but they hit me once or twice in the morning even when I have not eaten things I thought could cause it. I am now wondering if the titanium implants could be giving me these symptoms. I read through all the posts on this site, but didn”t find anyone mentioning these problems from the titanium. Anyone have any ideas?

    • I have same problem…Throw up with out warning ,sometimes after I persistantly cough…I had a total of 15 teeth get either a Root-canal, implant or crown…within a 4-6 month window…Never had any symptoms/problems with health before that!

  31. Hi, I have had the worst experience with dentists. When I fell and broke my front teeth at 11 years old, i started having problem after problem and ever time I would go to the dentist it was one cavity and root canal after the other. I blindly believed these doctors and did as they were recommending me. I am 40 years old. I can tell that for the past 29 years I kept doctors careers and no my own. There was not a quit month that i did not go to the doctors. I resent the profession that is supposed to fulfill a higher calling. honest and caring doctors are so hard to find. after 29 years of mistakes i finally wise. i do not trust so blindly anymore and would only go to a holistic doctor now. can someone please recommend a holistic dentist in LA. I want to remove my implants and put something in its place. Can someone recommend what to do? I also would like to take care of route canal teeth with a healthier alternative. Considering I will probably have 10 teeth left of my own that are still intact, I would like to try something new by caring doctor i can trust. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you!

    • You are in luck, the very best you could find anywhere are right in your area. Look them up. Dr. Randolph E. Aguilera and Dr. Chetan K. Mehta. Best of luck.

  32. i been having all these symptoms since I had one implant put in. Does anyone knows any dentist in new york city that remove implants? I know it has to be the implant that is causing the problem. I need them out!

  33. Hi,
    I am in Staten Island, New York City. I just got dental post put into me . Since I had the post I don’t feel well. Achy , joint pain and heAdache. And even a bloody nose. I wake up everyday not well. My question is if anybody knows a dentist that would remove it. Also after you remove it did you feel better? And what was the post made from? I would appreciate any answers.

  34. I have same problems since two years ago , and tomorrow, August 9, 2015 i will remove the tooth implant . It took me a long effort to persuade dentist, where he found that the tooth implants do not exist any problems ..

    He told me that the issue is not simple ,

    1: he will remove the edges of the implant tooth .
    2: he will place bone graft because its place will be empty and could not place implant in the future .. things such as zircon ..
    3: My mouth will be without teeth !

    • Be careful of the bone grafting material. I had bone grafting done in early June 2015 using (Bio-osso). From what I’m reading this too can cause or start the allergic or immune responses.
      My symptoms started with the first procedure in June where I had bone grafting…and shortly after that I started getting a blistery itchy rash all around my face and side of neck. In October 2015 I got the temporary implant put in and was sent to my dentist for the permanent tooth. This procedure caused a rash on the center of my chest that spread outward to my shoulders. I suffered from a constant headache, brain fog – even getting into 2 car accidents. I’m very tired on and off, joint pain on and off and what feels like kidney pain on and off and just general not feeling well.
      I’ve been to a general practitioner that sent me to a dermatologist who had me change shampoos….prescribed a cream but no relief. I saw an endocrinologist thinking it was hormonal or menopause related.
      She didn’t diagnose anything but had me read the book “The Autoimmune Solution” by Amy Myers MD and follow the gluten free diet in this book. I found headache & brain fog relief from following the diet but am not totally symptom free.
      I never even thought any of my symptoms were related to dental implants/bone grafting until a friend of mine had bone grafting done by the same doctor I went to. She hasn’t felt good since and she swore it was the grafting that started it all. That got me thinking and then I ran across an article about why certain people should never get implants…and I’m just beginning to research what to do…
      Not sure if the implant & grafting can be taken out.

      • This brings up a good issue to discuss, at Dr. Jones office we are a big proponent of prevention and offer a variety of ways to determine risks due to sensitivities and allergies prior to performing procedures

  35. Mark,
    Thank you for your post. It has helped me so much! I have had the dental implants in now for just a little over a year: I have yet had the tooth attached to it but haven’t felt normal since having the implant placed. After all the research I have done I’m ready to just get them out. My plans would be to get a retainer made with a tooth attach until I can do something else . Do you know of any Drs in Texas? Here’s my email kedemaxwell@yahoo.com

    • Krystal, I don’t know of any in Texas, but if you scroll to the very top of this page you’ll see this was created by Dr. Marilyn K. Jones and it says she’s a biological dentist in Houston. There’s an option to contact her at the top, I would imagine she can help you out. Best of luck.

  36. Mine started when I was going to the dentist every week for about 2 months straight. My mouth and lip started getting blisters all over them. I went through all kinds of tests and biopsies and I kept telling all the doctor’s that I was allergic to the metal in my mouth but none of them would listen. I went through this for over a year until finally the the tooth with the metal post and metal backing just fell out. It was blood red all around the gums and my lips where that tooth was. Before that tooth fell out my mouth would pour blood, within a week of losing it my entire mouth was healed.

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  38. I am sitting here with the hugest infection in my implant. The day they put the post in I got a huge rash, burning up and down my arm on that side, thickness of the tongue and lips. I immediately told my dentist and physician. They gave me a serous shot but all seemed to think I was crazy. Told only a tiny bit of nickel in implant ( the dentist) I told all of them repeatedly that I had strong reactions to jewelry, earrings etc and I am also a Carrier for Wilson’s disease – copper overload. They cemented tooth into to implant and now 3 months later it is so infected they can’t even touch it to remove it until the augmentin takes the infection away. They are then removing it and I am so upset- I paid over $3000 and they are saying the infection got so bad I probably cannot have another one even ceramic and acting like i didn’t repeatedly try to tell them something was wrong. Do I have recourse? Do they need to pay for another solution? How do I get myself allergy tested to see if I have been right all along? Would appreciate any suggestions and experience. I am in so much pain!!

  39. Hello again, I am jalal from Saudi Arabia

    I had my implant pulled 2 days ago , thank god free ( without titanium ) at last After suffering from too many symptoms of almost two years .

    my Dentist forced me to sign papers that the surgery will be my responsibilities .Then he opens the gum , he tried to turn the implant but he couldn’t , he digs the edge of the implant, after that he picked the implant easily .

    Now after two days from the surgery . I can’t tell the difference ,maybe I just need some time !

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  41. I had dental implants a little over a year ago. I have severe Lichen planus rashes on my legs, arms, back, and in my vagina. I also have had bloodwork done and comes back normal. I have been extremely healthy up to this point, I eat well, I exercise and I have never had any health concerns except having too much energy! I have been to 3 derms and no o seems to know how to help. I put myself on a strict autoimmune protocol diet and the rash continues to grow. It is extremely itchy and painful and only those afflicted by it can understand what it feels like. I found this info yesterday and I finally feel like I am on to something. I am grateful for all of you that have posted your experience and hopefully we will all figure this out. Jill

  42. Hello from Slovenia-EU,

    Here is my story if someone needs information about titanium implants.
    I become very ill 8 years ago. My life was like vegetation. I researched around all Europe and USA to found doctor or person who can help me.
    After 3 years when I totally exchange my lifestyle I found reason for my problems, It vas silver fillings. After 2 years extreme detoxify – I am lucky that I had support from Dr. Andrew Cutler, one of the best doctor in the world for amalgam detoxify – I got 50 % of my life and my health back. But not all. First I thought that maybe my body is damaged from 15 years of 7 amalgams filling. Than I was shocked when I got information about titanium problems. I had 3 titanium implants with 5 zirconium teeth on. Doctors in my country have told me that titanium is not case for my problems. At that time my problem was:
    headache, sinusitis, bleeding gums, pain in the left hand – side where they were implants, problems with vision, problems with memory, great fatigue, without energy, pain in the area of implants, gastro problems. Doctors in my country said that they can’t take out titanium implants safety and that I will have problems with bone after operation. But I investigate a lot again and I got a lot of information from all the world. Some information was useful some not like in every case. But I had lucky again and I got contact about Dr. Shumantov. In my health story I met more that 300 doctors from around the world but I can say that Dr. Shumantov is one of the best doctor and person which I know. He operates in USA and couple of time every year at Europe. I decided that I go to Sofia where he operates in Europe. I was very happy with his professionalism. He told me everything about titanium and what he will do, before operation and I was shocked how easy he removed 3 titanium implants with reverse system. All 3 implants took out in 40 minutes. After that he put new bone material and I come every day to control. After 7 days I go back to my country. Now after 8 month I can tell you: My only mistake was that because of my scary what doctor in Slovenia said, I didn’t take titanium implants out before. In the meantime they disappeared almost everyone my problems which I had before that operation. No headache, no sinusitis, no bleeding gums, no pain in the left hand – side where they were implants, no problems with vision, no pain in the area of implants. It is truth that I still have some energy and tired problems but I think that my body after all problems with amalgam and titanium need more time to recover. Maybe some problems will stay but 8 year ago my life was vegetation; today I got 80 % my life back and totally new way of life. My next part of operation is put zirconium implants in. My story was broadcast on Slovenian TV. I wish that all of you can solve problems with health and especially with teeth. And believe me: Dentist can destroy your life. If you wish more information and contact of Dr. Shumantov you can contact me.
    Igor from Slovenia

  43. Please tell me that I’m not crazy…..I had an implant put in 2008. One and a half years ago, the gum around my implant started to bleed continuously. It bleeds 24/7. I also have hashimoto’s thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease that has gotten progressively worse in the past 8 years. My implant is on the lower right side. Especially during the last year and a half, I have had ringing in the right ear, headaches/ migraines on the right side, some hearing loss on the right side, less on the left, vision problems, swollen glands on my neck, dizziness, sometimes heart palpitations and lots of sweating and chills- more in the evening than during the day. I have an extremely high allergy to nickel. The dentist that put the implant in said that the implant is made of titanium, but I have read that other parts can contain nickel. I am scheduled to have surgery on this implant to have it cleaned, but I think I should have it removed. My life has progressively become worse in the last couple of years. I am barely able to live a normal life with so many constant symptoms. I have taken thyroid meds for 30 years and had no problems until the last few years. I’m just wondering if this was a catalyst for my autoimmune getting so much worse. I really want this implant out. Can anyone tell me if they are happy that their implant was removed? Did your sypmtoms go away? How long did it take to heal? Thanks!

    • These are valid questions. Working closely with a Natural Dentist and perhaps your regular medical doctor, may help you unravel what is behind this chronic problem. It certainly could be related to implants or even previous root canals.

      • I have been very ill since having 3 titanium implants installed two years ago and the doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with me. I have horrible mucus, as someone else had mentioned. It’s like I’ve had a cold for 2 years now. I also have a cold burning in my spine, sweating, chills, dizziness, massive daily headaches and very sick to my stomach. I have no appetite and am nauseous all day long. I am in construction and have lost almost a full year of work and lost wages. I have had every test in the world to figure out why I am so ill, stomach doctors, neurologists, pain doctors, x-rays, cat scans and even an MRI, etc. I have just come upon this web site and am shocked that non of these doctors would even considered a reaction from the implants. I just called my doctor and I have an appointment tomorrow. I want to see what she has to say.
        Who does the Zirconium Implants?
        I live in Calgary, Canada.
        I must get these changed immediately.

  44. I am copying my post from medhelp.org here. I hope it will reach out to more people.
    Here is someone else who was severely poisoned by a titanium implant – myself. I really hope that by sharing our unfortunate experiences more people will become aware of the risks they are taking by implanting metal into their jaw bones. But I am also very happy to be able to talk about this in past tense, because it is already behind my back now and over. I really hope that would be a way to show the people who are still suffering that there is a solution. Yes, things do get better after you remove your metal implant/s! Just be sure to find the right doctor to do it SAFELY.
    I got sick immediately after the placement of the implant and I recovered very fast after it was taken out. I guess this is due to the fact that I had my implant only for a month. My symptoms were severe fatigue, brain fog, headache, eczema (inside my mouth and sometimes over my chin), lack of concentration, ear pain and numbness that drove me crazy, difficulties breathing and occasional sense of odd inner trembling. A few times I was about to faint. I was feeling out of space the whole time. I was about to take one last exam and soon to be a therapist, but paradoxically I myself was in such a painful psychical and emotional struggle that I felt I was losing the battel and was surrendering to depression myself. I watched the constant pain and inability to function take over my personality. Now, when I don’t have those symptoms anymore, I see what a great difference there is between reading about those symptoms, and actually experiencing them. I remember how desperate I was. I was feeling a constant and extremely overwhelming inability to function on a daily basis – for instance, I was totally unable to drive, or to concentrate, or to talk to people.
    I made a little research and found out that many people are actually experiencing the same thing.
    Then I started researching deeper and looking for options for implant removal. And I encountered a huge paradox: almost every building of this enormous city (New York) has a dental office where you can have an implant placed. But at the same time there are rarely any dentists at all who could remove a dental implant. I spoke with dentists with different specialties, including oral surgeons. The answers I received ranged from total refusal to remove it because of the severe damages this procedure would cause to my jaw bone and my overall health; to a total denial that the symptoms had anything to do with the implant whatsoever. Those who still offered an option for removing it, suggested they do it by trephining it out of the bone – a procedure witch causes severe bone loss and a high possibility for further damage; but above all, the great risk of breaking the integrity of the implant and leaving behind tiny titanium particles to blend into the bone tissue and thus remain part of the body system forever.
    Luckily I didn’t agree to undergo this terrifying procedure and I almost accidently but very fortunately came across Dr. Shumantov, whose practice is currently located in NYC. He is great! As I can see, other people here have had had their implants also removed by him. Dr. Shumantov is highly experienced in safely removing titanium dental implants. He removed my implant literally within a few minutes and he managed to keep the bone totally intact; there wasn’t even a need of bone grafting. And I was surprised to find how all my symptoms magically disappeared almost right away. A flow of energy spilled over my body and the “out of space feeling” disappeared almost immediately. Now, a week after I had my implant removed I am back to my normal state.
    Take it out! Good luck!


  46. I have one titanium dental implant. I have severe headaches, daily, earache, sinus pain, fatigue, loss of concentration, cotton head and so much more. I had for 2 years now. I am considering to have it removed. How do I avoid bone damage and ensure it is removed correctly? I am scared that allergy tests will cost me a fortune and show nothing. Anyone removed it and regretted their decision or did not get better. Need answers as I ca not go on like this.

    • Find a good natural dentist near you. Make an appointment for a consult. There are many ways to mitigate bone loss and potential bone loss. Optimal healing and detoxing from metals requires exercising some patience, the pay off will be a beautiful, strong and healthy smile.

  47. I had two titanium implants placed on my bottom left a few years ago. After that I had rashes of and on at times very severe also other symptoms. Unfortunately I did not make the connection at the time. Expensive tests showed nothing abnormal. I tried to control my symptoms by natural means. Four month ago I got three more titanium implant and within one month I developed severe symptoms of weakness getting steadily worse. I also have rashes now that do not go away and other symptoms as well. It is finally dawning on me that these implants need to come out. Does anyone know if I can request a reimbursement from my last implant surgery? I also need to know of a competent Dentist for ceramic implants in the Kentucky area. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Do a Google search for the IAOMT organization. When you are on their home page you will see a place near the top of the page that says “For Patients.” If you point your mouse at that, a drop down window will show up, and one of the options will be “Search for an IAOMT Dentist/Physician.” Click on that and you will see a state by state listing of biological dentists in each state. These dentists are the ones who will best understand your problems, have the knowledge, and most likely be able to help you.

  48. That is actually risky, but if I were you I will look for the best dentist nearest at your place. Dental implants are sometimes risky, but when it is done in proper procedure there’s nothing to worry about.

  49. I have 9 implants in my mouth and ‘overdenture ‘ implant titanium bar put in my lover. I get very sick and my bar broke in my mouth after 3 years corroded in my mouth for very long time. I send my bar to metalurgical lab for test. The problem is not only implants and implants BAR but -WHAT KIND OF TITANIUM YOU HAVE IN YOUR MOUTH and who decided how to place implants I MET AMAZING PROSTODONTIST FROM NC DR.R.HOFFMANN. HE SAVE MY LIFE .

  50. Thanks for giving all your stories. I live here in Brisbane, Australia and had an titanium implant done last week. After two days only I started to feel awful. Neuralgic pains in the back of my head, my neck, my mouth, lack of appetite, a constant feeling like getting the flu and this terrible metallic feeling in my mouth. So I made already an appointment with my dentist to have that implant removed again. I have some peripheral nerve damage from an accident 20years ago and that makes it even worse.

  51. I also want to have an implant removed, had it for two years and i am starting to feel unwell. Anyone know of any surgeon in Australia who is good and willing to remove implant?

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